Case Studies

References to actual use of this technology follow:

QuesTek Innovations examples for use of modeling and simulation for accelerating materials insertion:

“Integrated computational material engineering from a gas turbine engine perspective.”  View

“Verification & Validation Best Practices for ICME Models.” View Part 1, View Part 2

“Materials Genome Initiative & Integrated Computational Materials Science and Engineering” by Dr. Chuck Ward (AFRL).  View

“The Building Block Approach in the 21st Century – the role of ICME & UQ” by Rollie Dutton, AFRL: View

Duke Energy Invests in Digitalization to Reduce Costs & Minimize Impact of Fleet Failure Rate Using DigitalClone® Live. View

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Verification and validation of ICME methods and models for aerospace applications View

Update to recommended best practice for verification and validation of ICME methods and models for aerospace applications. View