Collaboration is the Key to Sustainable Innovation

We welcome organizations into our membership community that bring diversity and value. Having the ability to leverage a network like this is invaluable.

Industry Organizations

Bring value driven innovation, realization, and sustainable, scalable solutions.


Bring breakthrough innovation from proof of concepts and economic growth engine through STEM jobs.


Brings expansive science expertise, future sourcing talents, and prepare a high skilled workforce.

Government & Regulatory Agencies

Brings strategic public funding and public accountability

Specialized Solution Providers

Bring extensive technology expertise, experience, and innovation.

Membership Eligibility and Benefits

The following chart details the various levels of membership, eligibility, and benefits:
  Silver $15K/year Gold $50K/year
25% Cash Minimum ($12.5k)
Platinum $200K/year
25% Cash Minimum ($50k)
Organizational Eligibility:
Small/medium organizations (<500 employees)  ✔
Large organizations (>500 employees)  ✔
Universities and not-for-profits (exempted from cash minimum)  ✔  ✔
Role Eligibility:
May compete for, participate in, and serve as project lead  ✔
Governance Board Seat 1
Advisory Role  ✔
Voting Rights
Consortium Developed Intellectual Property (CDIP) Eligibility:
Non-Exclusive Royalty Free (NERF) license for internal research use*
Non-Exclusive Royalty Bearing (NERB) license for commercialization* Negotiable
Non-Exclusive Royalty-Free (NERF) for commercialization* Negotiable

NOTE: These descriptions are provided as an overview only and are subject to change. Complete details are available in the membership agreement.

*Consortium Developed IP (CDIP) is developed on a V4I project and is subject to certain V4I Member Rights.

Membership Agreement

(updated 11/1/2020)

Cost Share Form

Consortium Developed Intellectual Property

All Consortium Developed IP is owned by the inventing organizations. We help to:


  • You Own Your IP

    You will own both pre-existing IP and any you develop through consortium effort.

  • We Provide Protection

    We have a membership agreement in place that is designed to protect your interests by ensuring that all participants play by the same set of rules.

  • Increase Chances of IP Adoption

    We facilitate IP transition through our project-based approach and expansive network that represents multiple industries, markets, and stakeholders.