Opportunities for Engagement

V4I is pleased to provide the following example listing of “Opportunities for Engagement” for members and prospective members to support the V4I mission. Expended efforts and costs fulfilling the opportunities may be applied toward the cost share portion of membership.  We encourage participants to identify additional efforts, however, all opportunities must have a direct relationship to the V4I Roadmap.  Additionally, all efforts must be negotiated prior to execution utilizing the provided Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) template.

Innovative Areas for Accelerated Learning

Establish a Process

For assessing suppliers’ virtual verification capabilities

Establish a Baseline Planning Template

For virtual verification

Validate Stakeholder Requirements

For model repository capabilities, including but not limited to support for model VVUQ

Product / Process decisions rely on information from physical testing, expensive, time and resource intensive, often high risk (time and money) of failure.  Can industry objectively benefit from virtual (computational modeling and simulation) testing to reduce, remove or de-risk physical testing?

Identify specific virtual tests which reduce, remove, or de-risk specific standard physical tests.   End in Mind: Produce quantitative cost/benefit analysis of virtual testing on physical testing.

The value proposition for V4I includes the use of modeling and simulation to de-risk, reduce or change the nature of both development and regulatory required testing.  V4I is interested in specifics of how testing may change to reduce time or cost for product realizations. This task includes test identification and prioritization of M&S activity to achieve the V4I value proposition and description of the anticipated benefit.  The area of current interest is in highly regulated industries that require significant testing prior to release to the market.

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