V4 Institute

The V4 Institute is managed by the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM). As an industry led consortium we collaborate with industry, academia and government to deliver value driven computation modeling and simulation solutions for research and development of products and processes; to advance cross industry/industries innovation; to support the Manufacturing USA Network (including digital thread); and to increase the development and employment of a highly skilled STEM Workforce.


An advanced product and services supply chain, digitally integrated through virtual verification, validation, and visualization.


Enable the use of digital data, modeling and simulation across supply chains to accelerate the introduction of new materials, manufacturing processes and product systems & services to market while meeting demanding regulatory requirements.

Current State

Today, when determining if a new product is ready to go into production, the burden of proof lies almost exclusively in the results of physical testing.

The ability to leverage engineering, science, and mathematics underlie and inform decision making directly related to the investment in the new product. Physical testing informs our confidence of the new product — is it safe, reliable, durable, affordable?

The process of physical testing is expensive and slow. 

Desired State

At the V4 Institute, we assert that careful and collaborative development of computational analytic technologies and techniques can demonstrate the acceptability of the new product through quality by design.

Rigorous research, development and application of the principles of engineering, science and mathematics, can significantly increase the impact of current physical testing, and even reduce the physical testing required to meet the burden of proof.

This results in faster and more cost effective acceptance of high quality solutions.